Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is extremely resilient, durable and very easy to maintain. It is also very versatile in use, and comes in a wide variety of designs and styles which is why it is commonly used in many residential and commercial Premises. Vinyl is a “resilient” type of flooring because of its flexibility and ability to bounce back upon impact.
Due to its popularity, suppliers have expanded their ranges to include a wider variety of patterns. It’s possible to replicate pretty much any floor surface imaginable. Sheet vinyl is available in designs ranging from those that imitate natural wood and stone to parquet flooring.
Although vinyl flooring works great in most areas of the home, it’s perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and is an inexpensive option for providing an authentic tile or wood effect through your hallway.
Sheet vinyl is the most widespread type of vinyl flooring. It’s ideal for quickly covering a large area without having joins where moisture could get in and damage your floor.
We work with all of the main suppliers and are therefore confident we have a range to suit your requirements.