We classify ourselves as a full service flooring company. With expertise across a wide range of flooring solutions. We offer advice during the selection process, provide endless sample books to make certain your choice is correct and expertly fit your perfect flooring. We are based in Bath and Bristol so our residential coverage is mainly limited to the South West but will travel to bigger jobs. Generally speaking we will cover commercial jobs across England and Wales. Please give us a call and we will happily let you know if we can quote for your job. A full list of services are as follows:

ser1 Free on site consultation including free floor samples
ser2 Full quoting service – If job stays the same you will never pay more than quote
ser3 Clearing of rooms including movement of furniture and large objects
ser4 Removing and disposal of existing flooring and unwanted waste
ser5 Full floor prep for various flooring types:
– Levelling with latex, and feather finishing latex or plyboarding for hard surfaces
ser6 Supply of flooring:
– Carpet, Carpet tiles, Vinyl, Vinyl Tiles, Laminate, Linoleum, Safety Flooring and all associated materials
ser7 Carpet fitting:
– Gripper, underlay, door plates and bars and door trimming
ser8 Laying of Vinyl, Vinyl Tiles, Laminate, Linoleum, Safety Flooring:
– Including all prep work, capping coving
ser9 Finishing touches:
– Mastiking between floor and walls or skirting boards, internal door and plinth trimming /easing, fitting of door plates and bars