7 Questions That Will Help You Choose the Best Flooring for Your Office

In this article, our carpet tiles Bath experts are answering 7 questions about office flooring and the options you have. Whether it’s stylish Desso carpet tiles or Amtico flooring, we’ve got it covered!

1. How do people access your office?

If your office is located in a commercial building and your employees or client’s pass firstly through a lobby, reception or hallway before entering your office, you can easily choose high-quality Desso carpet tiles. Desso is one of our strategic partners, offering a wide range of office carpet tiles.

However, when accessing the office from the outside, people can bring dirt and impurities on their shoes that can destroy many flooring solutions such as carpet tiles. Barrier matting from Desso would be essential for this situation.

2. What are the necessary technical preparations?

Each space needs to be carefully analysed in order to identify all the necessary technical preparations for the flooring installation. For example, does the concrete slab need straightening or is it exposed to moisture?

The foundation of the floor must be prepared, levelled, ventilated, dried and cleaned before laying the office carpet or any other flooring solution.

3. How long will you be using the office for?

“The flooring solution should be selected depending on how long you will occupy that commercial space. There is no point in paying extra for office flooring that has a lifetime guarantee if you will be there for only 3 years”, says one of our carpet tiles flooring Bath fitters.

4. What regulations are imposed by the owner/ manager of the building?

In many commercial buildings, there are flooring regulations imposed by the owner or administrator of that building. For example, some buildings require the installation of a floor that can be easily changed depending on the preferences of each new occupant. Some might require safety flooring or a specific Desso carpet in order to respect the style of the building.

5. On a daily basis how many people will pass through the office?

Determining as accurately as possible the number of people who will be using your office space on a daily basis has a considerable impact on the price, due to the costs associated with the level of resilience that is required.

If for example, you have a busy office with clients and partners visiting you, the Desso Essence collection would be a good choice for you. Hard-wearing and functional, the Desso Essence carpet tiles are available in 24 block colours.

6. What is your budget?

Your flooring budget is an investment, seemingly more expensive flooring can prove to be a much better expenditure in the long run by not requiring costly maintenance.

7. What are your expectations for your new office flooring?

Your expectations regarding the functional and aesthetic aspects of your commercial space completes the overall picture of a potential office flooring that can be installed. Particularly important are your brand’s identity elements (colours, logo, values etc.) if you would like them to be reflected in your office.

Your flooring can have a significant impact on the perception of your brand and therefore you should collaborate with a professional team that has the expertise to offer you the best office flooring solution available.

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