Elegance and Functionality – the Anti-Slip Floors

In this blog article, our safety flooring experts explain the anti-slip solutions you have for commercial spaces.

Non-slip vinyl flooring, a concept invented by Altro Safety Flooring more than 50 years ago has provided flooring solutions that meet hygiene, easy cleaning and durability requirements in hospitals, schools, factories, and offices for many years.

New technologies and manufacturing techniques have now made it possible to create anti-slip vinyl flooring solutions that are not only functional but also aesthetic and sustainable. These latest designs for safety flooring now offer an endless range of commercial solutions and opportunities even in areas where you would not normally expect it.


In hospitals, hygiene comes first. By integrating bacteriostatic components, the Altro Easyclean technology makes it possible to install safety floors in operating theatres and treatment rooms.

Altro safety flooring solutions look good. “They are extremely easy to clean and maintain and combined with their resistance to slip and wear in high volume user areas, many medical institutions have chosen Altro safety flooring even for their waiting rooms and corridors“, says one of our safety flooring experts.


The design innovations of anti-slip floors made them the perfect choice for hotels, restaurants and bars where the aesthetic factors are just as important as the functional ones. The new generation of anti-slip vinyl flooring benefits from an ‘invisible’ resistant to slip layer which eliminates the unattractive look older flooring solutions used to have.


In crowded commercial areas, the non-slip vinyl flooring solutions can provide a safe floor for your customers while maintaining a professional and welcoming environment. The increased slip resistance will not affect the ease of cleaning and maintenance.


The composition of Altro vinyl flooring solutions is unique making them the optimal choice for industrial premises. The Altro flooring is highly resilient to the damage that can be produced by pallet trucks and forklifts whilst meeting the hygiene requirements of the food industry.


Although durability and longevity are two of the desirable qualities of safety flooring, there are situations where a temporary anti-slip vinyl flooring solution is required. For example, if an historic building is rented for office or commercial purposes, its valuable floors must be protected and returned at the end of the contract in the exact original condition. Fortunately, today’s technological innovations enable Virtuoso Flooring & Carpet Bath to install temporary anti-slip floors to meet these specialist conditions.

Altro XpressLay is a revolutionary safety flooring solution that can be installed without adhesive. In fact, it’s the first anti-slip vinyl flooring product that can be installed without using traditional contact adhesive. Altro XpressLay is completely recyclable and offers a very fast, easy and clean installation.


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