How to Choose a Carpet Depending on the Room Where It Will Be Installed

Buying the best carpet for your home can be a challenging task, but you don’t have to worry with our carpet Bath fitters supporting you.

When choosing your carpet you need to consider is the type of room where the carpet is going to be fitted the activities that will take place in that room, the ease of cleaning it and the traffic intensity it is likely to see.

Here are some recommendations from Virtuoso who employ some of the best specialists and carpet experts in Bath:

Bedroom carpet – For a bedroom, you can choose a fluffy carpet with long fibres. You can even choose a wool carpet. The traffic is not so intense and the risk of damaging the carpet and pile is quite small, so you don’t have to select a lightweight carpet. A luxurious deep and thick carpet will give you extra comfort when you get out of bed in the morning.

Children’s bedroom carpet – For a child’s bedroom, you need a lightweight carpet with short fibres. We suggest it is easy to maintain and has flameproof, antistatic, anti-allergic and anti-slip properties. Appearance and colours can be chosen based on the age of the child. Our experts bring samples with Disney drawings, with geometric shapes, multi-coloured etc. to the location of each Bath carpet project helping you to filter the options and guide your selections.

Hallway carpet – for this area you need a carpet that is resistant to medium and high traffic usage. We recommend you choose a twist carpet which has good wear properties and as a hallway tends to be long and narrow, choose colours that will hide any stains or traces of dirt. Twisted carpet is a cut pile made from twisted fibres and the most common carpet being produced today. The twisted fibres have a coarse finish leaving an even surface that’s springy underfoot. It’s a hardwearing carpet suitable for most areas of the home including, hallways and stairs.

Living room carpet – It is ok if you want to give up the rug or a hard floor if you prefer a carpet for your living room. The traffic in the living room, however, can become quite intense, and whereas you can choose a carpet that has medium to long fibres, it needs to be much harder wearing and have easier cleaning capabilities compared to the one you are choosing for your bedroom.

There are of course other aspects besides the type of room that you should consider when choosing a carpet. For example, the size of the room, the material from which the carpet is made and the available budget. With our carpet fitters in Bath, you do not have to worry about any of these. They have the expertise to make sure you get the best value for money.


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