It Looks Like the Grey Is Here to Stay

“When it comes to colours in flooring wenge was leading the way, now grey is the trend colour and has toppled wenge to head the popularity charts”, says one of our luxury vinyl tiles Bath experts. Here are some useful tips using the grey Karndean tiles options:

The psychological impact of grey

Although many people believe that grey is a sad and depressing colour, psychologists say it has a positive influence on the human psyche, being a soothing colour that relieves stress. If we also take into consideration the fact that grey is one of the colours that protect our eyes from tiredness, we have enough arguments to use it with confidence in our flooring.

Here’s some advice on why you should choose LVT from our luxury vinyl tiles Bath experts

50 shades of grey Karndean tiles

Another reason why grey luxury vinyl flooring has become more and more popular lately is the large variety of shades you can find, a variety that allows it to be easily integrated into any kind of interior design. Karndean, one of our closest flooring partners, offers a wide range of luxury vinyl tiles from which we can help you choose what works best for your Bath commercial or residential flooring. The Karndean flooring prices begin at £20 m2 incl. vat, and we can professionally install for a lot less than you might think! Here are just a few examples:

– If you want a flooring that gives a warm feeling, choose beige or brown LVTs that have a grey tone. Our Bath luxury vinyl flooring experts recommend something in line with the following: Knight Tile – KP95 Rose Washed Oak, LooseLay Longboard – LLP306 Pearl Oak or Knight Tile – KP51 Arctic Driftwood.

– Do you like contrasting colours? Then go for dark grey luxury vinyl tiles with hints of copper or silver tones highlighting walls or white furniture. Our top 3 Karndean tiles recommendations are: Opus – SP215 Ferra, Van Gogh – VGW89T Ebony and Knight Tile – T88 Onyx Slate.

– Do you want to get an elegant and refined room and don’t know what flooring colour to choose? Trust light, pearly grey LVTs. In addition, choosing a lighter shade of grey will make the room look visually bigger. The top 3 Karndean tiles colours our Bath flooring experts recommend are: Knight Tile – T90 Carrara Marble, Michelangelo – MS5 Andalucian Opal and LooseLay – LLT201 Colorado.

Grey LVTs work in both modern and classic interiors

Being an extremely versatile and easy-to-match colour, grey can be integrated into a modern or classic interior. The flooring texture, appearance and tone will dictate the style that you should use in your rooms.

For a modern and colourful interior, for example, the grey luxury vinyl flooring will diminish the chromatic impact of a furniture in powerful, vibrant colours without stirring its personality.

For classic rooms, it is recommended to choose a more refined colour for your flooring. For example the Karndean LM09_Gallatin colour full of contrasting earthy blue and grey tones with a slightly deeper mottling effect it’s going to be just the perfect choice. The flooring colour should be in line with the furniture and the accessories specific to this style: velvet, silk, golden/ silver details. The grey luxury vinyl tiles will surely emphasize the classic elegance.

What colour to choose for your walls in a room with grey flooring?

The grey LVTS are perfect for both white and extremely colourful walls: purple, lilac, green, blue, red, beige, olive etc. Grey is extremely adaptable, so if you plan to renovate your entire house or just one of its rooms and you do not know what colour to choose, go grey and you will not regret it; go Karndean Design and Virtuoso Flooring and Carpet Bath to install and we are convinced you will be completely satisfied.

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