Our Living Room Flooring Guide

For many families, the living room is where you wind down in the evening and entertain friends. It sits as the place where people are welcomed into your home. A spot where you gather together to watch TV or escape from the hustle and bustle of normal life. As such a crucial space within your home, we believe that this space should feel perfect in every way. And having the right floor ensures this. When choosing living room floors, you want to take into account things like your personal preference as a family, expected foot traffic and how the room may change over the years. Read through our Living Room Flooring Guide to help you find the right option today.

Living Room-Specific Demands For Flooring

We’ve mentioned above that the living room is one of the most highly frequented rooms in the house. For many, it is the natural gravitation point and a space of calm. Therefore, you need to account for high foot traffic. The floor you choose needs to be durable and hardwearing, capable of being used countless times in a day without damage. Living rooms are also used by all members of the family. Small toys, animal claws and even the daily crafting session all need to be taken into account. You want a floor that can withstand these sorts of impacts and still come out the other end looking flawless.

And, let’s not forget about comfort. In the evenings, the living room is where you resign to watch the next episode in your favourite soap or the latest film release. It may even be your favourite reading spot. Therefore, you want a floor that feels cosy and one that helps you to switch off from the day’s activities.

How To Choose The Right Living Room Flooring?

Floor is a big decision for any household. Not only financially but also in terms of look. Some homeowners love the adventure of redecorating their space with running trends and finding unique ways to dress each room. Others opt for classic tones, choosing instead to redecorate once and love it for many years. The style of floor you choose will vary depending on preference. But it pays to think about how long-lasting and durable your chosen floor needs to be. Consider:

  • Maintenance: As one of the busiest rooms in the house, you want a floor that is easy to maintain. If you have to wash it and leave it to dry for hours on end, you’ll find this space being used less and less. Also think about the type of products you want to use and how much time, per week, cleaning the living room needs to take up.
  • Comfort: We mentioned it above and we’ll mention it again. Your living room should be cosy. It should be a place you can’t wait to kick off your shoes and settle down into. Therefore how cosy does the floor feel underfoot? Do you want to consider investing in underfloor heating to keep the temperature stable?
  • Budget: All large-scale household decisions should be made with a budget in mind. There is no end to the options available, however, knowing how much you want to spend will help to narrow it down. Be mindful that a small budget doesn’t mean you have to go low quality – the right research and support will help you find the perfect choice without fail.

Types of Living Room Flooring

So, what are the best types of floor for living rooms?


If we’re talking cosy, you have to consider carpet. With a wide range of luxury and cost-effective options available out there, the right carpet is heaven to your feet. The material brings warmth to a room, removing any echo and making a space feel more inviting instantly. If you choose the right type, maintenance will simply involve weekly hoovering and monthly washing. Make sure to consider the heavy foot traffic in these environments when choosing your style – thinner options are more likely to get worn down. Thicker choices will feel more supportive underfoot but may also hold on to dirt and stains more firmly.


LVT or luxury vinyl tiles are one of those floor options that are perfect for nearly every room – especially living rooms. They are hard wearing – perfect for high foot traffic. The range of styles allows you to play with tile, wood or coloured styles without worrying about the impact that spilt drinks or high temperatures may play. LVT flooring requires minimal maintenance – just a simple wipe and clean every week will suffice. And, they are incredibly long-lasting. If you’re worried about warmth, consider pairing them with underfloor heating.

Real wood

If you’re looking for true opulence, there’s no other option like real wood. Giving you a host of choices, style-wise and natural warmth, you can see why these are an ideal option. Being an elastic material, wood feels great to walk on and has very good durability to deal with high foot traffic. For added warmth, consider adding in rugs and additional soft furnishings for that feeling of comfort and luxury underfoot during colder nights.

Finding The Right Living Room Flooring For You

Living room flooring is just as unique as you and your family. It’s important to do your research, understanding all of the options available within your budget and choosing one that’s going to last. Here at Virtuoso Flooring, we have a team of specialists with over 20 years of experience helping homeowners do just that. Whether you’re looking for a realistic LVT floor, a thick and luxurious carpet or a stylish wood floor to transform your space, we’re here to help. If you’re looking to remodel your living room and need more assistance, please do get in contact with our team here today.

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