Preparing For Your Floor Fitting

Having a new floor fitted in your home is an exciting adventure. Not only does the right floor entirely transform the look of a room, but it also enhances practicality and can increase the value of your property. Trusting in the experience of a professional is the best way to ensure your new floor is fitted properly and securely. This means you’ll need to prepare for your floor fitting and today’s blog will give you our top tips to consider during this process.

1. Remove Breakable Items

It’s not until you have a major upheaval in your home that you realise just how many breakable items you own. Ornaments, photo frames, glasses – all of these decorative pieces can become damaged when large-scale work projects are happening. One of the first things we recommend you do is clear the room out – focusing on the most easily damageable pieces. Pack each one in away safely, in bubble wrap or another protective material. And store them in a closed-off room to ensure they stay in pristine condition.

2. Determine What Help You Will Need

Large appliances such as furniture and white goods will need to be moved out of the way before flooring can be fitted. And, unless you have the physical strength to do this yourself, it’s likely you’ll need some assistance. Asking friends and family may be a viable option for you. Alternatively, there are professional moving companies who will happily relocate your larger items into different rooms or separate storage facilities while the work is being done.

3. Consider Gas and Electrical Appliances

On occasion and in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom, it may be necessary to have gas or electrical items disconnected. This minimises the risk of dangerous gas inhalation or to ensure flooring can be fitted flush without the hindrance of electrical wiring. It is important that you get a professional to do this. You need to ensure all connections are safely disconnected and neither you nor the fitters are in danger.

4. Door Adjustments

One thing you may need to consider after the floor has been fitted is having your doors adjusted to compensate. When going from flooring such as laminate to thick-pile carpets, there is a chance of scratching or difficulty opening if the floor height has been changed. Professional carpenters can rehang or shave off to make these small adjustments and improve usability.

5. Allow Wooden Flooring to Acclimatise

Wooden flooring needs a minimum of 3 days to acclimatise to the temperature inside your home. This allows it to swell in size, if needed, and minimises the risk of damage once installed. If you have chosen wooden floors, make sure to order the delivery prior to your fitter’s work date to accommodate this.

Here at Virtuoso Flooring, we offer a complete service to our clients. This includes installation by our professional team and a lifetime installation guarantee. With over 20 years of experience, you can rest easy knowing your floor will be fitted in the most secure and long-lasting manner. Get in contact today for more information.

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