The Best Types Of Flooring To Use With Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has become the holy grail for many homeowners and interior designers. Helping to give a feeling of luxury to a space, it takes the edge off colder mornings and makes it more appealing to rise earlier. If you’ve decided that it’s time to invest in underfloor heating for your home, you will also need to understand the best types of flooring to fit with it. You want to get the most out of your new heating appliance and ensure your investment lasts for many years to come. So here, we’ll cover the best types of flooring to consider.

What To Consider?

The right floor for underfloor heating will:

  • Be highly efficient at transferring heat to the surface
  • Retain heat for as long as possible
  • Not change structure when exposed to heat
  • Not become damaged with extended exposure to heat

What Are The Best Flooring Options?

Stone Tiles

By far, one of the most popular flooring choices for underfloor heating is stone tiles. They have high thermal conductivity and can withhold this heat for a very long period of time. This means you’ll need to run the system for less time to feel the benefits. And, with their strong structure, they won’t warp or become damaged because of exposure to heat.

Engineered Wood

Another option – for those seeking a more classic look – is engineered wood. The multiple-layer construction means these planks can withstand fluctuations in temperature. Wood is also notoriously warm and comfortable to walk on barefoot so this is truly a match made in heaven. However, it’s generally recommended that the underfloor temp not exceed 26°C when used with wooden floors.

Other Options – Vinyl, Laminate and Carpet

Stone tiles and engineered wood are the most suitable options here. However, if you’re looking for something more affordable, opt for vinyl flooring, laminate flooring or even carpet. They all conduct heat well and are low-maintenance so perfect for busy families.

If you opt for carpet, choose one that is under 2.5 tog. It may take longer to heat up but you’ll still feel the warmth coming up during those colder days.

How Can Virtuoso Flooring Help?

With over 20 years of experience supplying quality flooring to customers across the UK, our team of specialists have the knowledge to help you find the right flooring every single time. We have a wide selection of luxury carpets, cost-effective carpets, laminate, vinyl and even LVT to choose from. Browse our website here or request a callback from us today.

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